Breaking Bad Star Reportedly Being Eyed For A Big MCU Role

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

Bryan Cranston has long been a favorite choice for fans to join the MCU as one major villain or another, maybe even as Spider-Man nemesis Norman Osborn. However, the latest rumor on the franchise’s future points to another alum of Breaking Bad who gave a standout performance on the show being eyed for a “big” role in the Marvel universe. Possibly as the aforementioned Oscorp founder.

MCU Cosmic writes that there’s talk going around claiming that Giancarlo Esposito – most known as Gus Fring in BB – is up for a significant character in the MCU. Simply going by his terrific performance as a villain on the hit AMC series, it’s assumed that Marvel is looking at the actor for one of the big bads of Phase 4. And if there’s one thing that all of the various reports on Phase 4 agree on it’s that Osborn is going to be of the utmost importance going forward.

The site reminds us that leaked character breakdowns refer to the studio looking for a villain codenamed “The Benefactor,” described as a man in his 40s to 60s who’s “mysterious and nefarious.” Again, it’s widely assumed that the benefactor’s actually ol’ Norman. As the 61-year-old Esposito is in the age range for the character, MCU Cosmic suggests this could be the big role Marvel is eyeing him up for.

Of course, it’s probably best to not get too excited yet as this is just a rumor. Remember how we were expecting to see Osborn show up in Spider-Man: Far From Home but then he didn’t end up making an appearance? That said, Esposito would certainly be a smart choice on the studio’s behalf if they wanted to reinvent the character for the MCU.