Breaking Bad Star Rumoured To Play The MCU’s Doctor Doom

doom doctor

Thanos will be a tough act for the MCU‘s next big bad to follow, but Marvel is spoilt for choice when it comes to compelling villains. Galactus could offer a universe-ending threat far greater than the Mad Titan, and there’s also the likes of Norman Osborn to call upon if the studio wants to go for something more grounded. Another strong contender for this role is Doctor Doom, and rumours suggest the comic book giant might already have an actor in mind to play the Latverian dictator.

Giancarlo Esposito, best known for playing Gus Fring in the Breaking Bad universe, has been strongly linked with the MCU in recent months and the role he’s said to be circling is that of Victor Von Doom. This is to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, as the source for it appears to be an internet fan theory, but such claims are gaining traction online and have been picked up by credible news outlets.

Of course, Esposito recently expressed an interest in joining the Marvel Universe. While promoting Far Cry 6, the Mandalorian star told Entertainment Tonight that the MCU will likely be the “next step” for him. And this seems likely given that he’s been doing a fair bit for work for the studio’s parent company, Disney, of late.

As for the rumor that he’s in line to play Doctor Doom, he’d be beyond perfect for the part due to his track record of playing cold, calculating villains. Although Doom is traditionally depicted as Eastern European, the ethnicity of the actor portraying him would largely be irrelevant due to the fact he’ll likely spend the duration of his time in the MCU concealed behind an iron mask. In any case, what’s to say Marvel won’t reinvent the character on screen, in the interest of diversity.

Doom isn’t the only Marvel role that Esposito has been linked with, of course. Previous reports suggest that the studio could call upon him when the time comes to introduce the X-Men to the franchise, with the actor tipped as a potential Magneto or Professor X.

One thing’s for sure: Esposito is a versatile actor who could turn his hand to any of these roles. And given his continued involvement with Disney and desire to work with Marvel, it seems to be a case of when, rather than if, we’ll see him in the MCU.