Five Breathtaking New Clips For The Walk Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk, and it’s not hard to understand why, especially when you watch the five new clips released above. The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as high-wire walker Philippe Petit, and his story is no doubt one you’ll be very familiar with if you’ve seen James Marsh’s Oscar-winning documentary Man On Wire.

Despite some already being familiar with Petit, The Walk looks set to be a technical achievement thanks to its use of 3D to tell the story. Visually, it looks pretty damn impressive, and with Gordon-Levitt and Zemeckis steering the ship, the film will likely find itself earnings some awards attention this year.

Also starring Charlotte Le Bon, Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, Clément Sibony and César Domboy, The Walk is set to be released on October 2nd.

Check out the five new clips above, and try not to get vertigo.