Breck Eisner To Helm The Karate Kid 2


Sony Pictures has hired Breck Eisner to helm The Karate Kid 2, which will once again star Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Despite being a pretty unenjoyable film and an unnecessary remake, the original brought in $343 million worldwide, guaranteeing that audiences would be subjected to a follow-up. Now, things look like they’re starting to pick up on the project and production should be getting underway shortly.

Personally, I hated The Karate Kid. I thought that Smith was quite charismatic and likeable in the lead role but the film itself was long, drawn-out and a bit of a bore. Obviously, I’m not at all looking forward to the sequel and bringing in someone like Eisner doesn’t change that. He hasn’t really done anything memorable, though The Crazies did have its moments, and I can’t really see how having him behind the camera will make for a better movie.

Then again, I may turn out to be wrong. Again, I think that Smith does have a lot of charisma on screen and if Eisner could deliver a leaner film with a script that isn’t as cliche-ridden as the original’s was, then there still might be hope.

Tell us, were you a fan of The Karate Kid remake and if so, are you looking forward to the sequel? Sound off below!

Source: Deadline

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