Bret Easton Ellis May Write American Psycho Sequel


American Psycho

Brett Easton Ellis is considering writing a sequel to his classic 1991 satirical psychological thriller novel American Psycho. The writer has said he has begun making notes on where Patrick Bateman is in his life now and the story is coming together rather quickly.

Moviehole is reporting that Ellis revealed the news on his Twitter page, adding that he’s thinking about calling his publishers to discuss the idea.

I have to figure out what the structure is…Definitely murders at prep school..If this American Psycho sequel pans out I’d get in touch with my agent first but will have to spend the weekend seeing if it works.

Ellis added that he would move his serial killer hedge-fund manager to Los Angeles in the sequel and he would still have a love of music, his favourite song beingColdplay‘s Fix You. The author also added that he also thought Patrick would eat waffles with Chris Martin and talk about how cool St. Vincent is before slitting his throat.

It would be interesting to see Patrick in contemporary society, and how his killings fits into the world of the Internet and social media. Ellis captured readers’ attention when he first released American Psycho, and the author surely would entertain America again with more tales of the delusional character.