Brie Larson Doesn’t Know Why Captain Marvel Hitting $1 Billion Was So Hard To Comprehend


Last week, Captain Marvel became the first female-led superhero movie to cross the $1 billion mark at the box office. And while Brie Larson has already shared a statement thanking fans for this commercial milestone, the actress has also hit back at the haters, arguing that the success of Carol Danvers’ solo debut shouldn’t come as that great a shock.

Earlier this week, Larson spoke at the Women in the World conference in New York City, where she recalled how she rarely felt pressure during the production of Captain Marvel. On the day before the film’s nationwide opening, however, the Oscar-winner admitted to having some anxiety about the pic’s performance, which she now feels was unwarranted.

“We put unnecessary pressure on ourselves,” Larson said. “I understand film history. I know that the film industry started with a majority of women. It started with women filmmakers. This weird idea that women maybe can’t open movies or are not important to storytelling or the female story is not high art, it’s bogus. I don’t want to for a second buy into it.”

The actress went on to say that while she’s grateful the film’s done so well, she doesn’t understand why the movie’s box office domination has come as such a surprise in some circles.

“I’m very grateful to have broken this glass ceiling of normalizing the concept that women can also make a billion dollars. I don’t know why that was so hard to comprehend in the first place. It’s just like we’re human, whatever. If people needed this to be another reminder this decade [that minority groups can open movies and make a billion dollars] then great, I’m here, I did it.”

As it stands, Captain Marvel is one of seven MCU flicks to cross the $1 billion mark, though the franchise may well be on the verge of releasing its most successful movie to date with Avengers: Endgame. Anthony and Joe Russo’s upcoming Avengers: Infinity War sequel will serve as the second big screen outing for Carol Danvers, and while details on Larson’s role are in short supply, it’s expected that she’ll be a crucial player in turning the tide against Thanos.

So far, we’ve heard a few lines from Captain Marvel in the ensemble flick’s recently released clip, and fans seem to be digging the chemistry between her and Thor, but we’ll find out what else is in store for the MCU’s most powerful hero when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: IndieWire