Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Denies She’s Signed Up For 7 MCU Movies


Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Captain Marvel would be just the start of Brie Larson’s career in the MCU as she’d apparently signed a deal to feature in at least seven movies for Marvel Studios. These were expected to encompass CM sequels, Avengers films and other unknown projects. Now, however, this report’s been debunked by a very reliable source – Larson herself.

The actress took to Twitter to share an article running with THR’s story and her response told us all we needed to know: “Counterpoint: this is not true.”

This is a surprising denial from Larson, as the idea that she’d already signed up for seven more movies with Marvel wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the franchise. After all, most of the MCU’s biggest stars have been contracted by the studio to appear in multiple productions. Chris Evans, for instance, has been open about the fact he initially signed a six-picture deal as Captain America before agreeing to stay for Avengers 4 as well.

As we all know, though, it looks like Evans is going to hang up his shield for good after next May’s event movie, which means the MCU will be in need of another super-powered captain to lead the charge. Naturally, Carol Danvers was expected to fill this role, so that’s why THR’s report about the actress being locked in for many more years seemed believable.

That said, Larson doesn’t go into detail about what isn’t true about the story, so it’s entirely possible she’s still signed up for a handful of projects, just not as many as seven. Or, as fans are joking with her in the replies, maybe she means she’s actually signed up for as many as, say, ten.

As it stands, though, we can only say for certain that Brie Larson will star as Captain Marvel in her own film next March and then in Avengers 4, which arrives in May. We fully expect many more appearances from her after that, but apparently it’s too early to confirm anything else.

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