Brie Larson Dishes On How She Prefers Sets When Filming

Brie Larson disclosed in her “Learning Lots” podcast the unusual way she likes to get prepped before entering a set.

The Captain Marvel star shared that she sometimes likes to “take a minute” before getting into character. Other times she would prefer everything on set completely normal. Larson said, “Some actors are very sensitive to be people in their eye line. I love having people around me. I don’t like preciousness. I don’t like when people are like, ‘everybody be quiet Brie’s walking on set.’ I don’t like it.”

Larson added things that are considered a nightmare on live sets like unexpected accidents or ringing phones are what she thrives off of to give her best performance.

“I want everything to feel about as normal. I want someone completely unaware that we are even filming and their phone rings. I want a mistake to happen or something to drop.”

The 32-year-old continued by saying that those live moments help give her a “presence check.”

“In particular, if I’m doing something emotional, I like having the people around. Because in this new way of doing it, I think of gratitude. I look at people, I look at the people on set, and I’m like, thank you for being here in my head. I’ll sometimes do that because I feel that now is starting to cue me into flow…It’s like a presence check.

Larson’s first major role was in 2001 on Raising Dad with Bob Saget (Full House) after years of cameo appearances on shows and commercials. Since then, she went on to star on 21 Jump Street and the MCU film that made her a household name, Captain Marvel. Brie Larson is currently filming the sequel to Captain Marvel.