Watch: Brie Larson Embraces Feminism In New Nissan Commercial

Brie Larson

A new Nissan commercial titled “Refuse to Compromise” has launched with Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson taking the role of an overtly feminist driver.

The commercial, which makes no effort to hide its stance, sees a male boss tell a female worker that he’s going to “hold off on promoting her this quarter.” Within moments, Larson arrives on the scene driving a brand new Nissan Sentra and telling the girl, “drop the taco and get in the car.”

As the two drive around town in the orange Sentra to showcase its new handling and smart brake systems, Larson asks the girl if the car feels like a compromise. She ends the ride by asking the rhetorical question, “so if this Nissan Sentra isn’t going to compromise, why should you?” The young female employee agrees and exits the vehicle with renewed vigor, ready to demand that promotion.

Regardless of any personal opinions of the commercial, there’s no doubt that Nissan has done exactly what any ad sets out to do – garner the attention of potential consumers. Whether that will pay off for the Japanese automobile manufacturer depends on the long-term effects the message has on the public, but early reception has been overwhelmingly negative. Some viewers of the commercial have taken to the internet to call the commercial blatantly toxic and anti-male, stating that Nissan is using the ad to force an agenda on its customers.

A behind-the-scenes video sees Allyson Witherspoon interview Larson about the commercial and their shared experience working in male-dominated industries, making it clear that the male boss vs. female employee dynamic was, indeed, intended to make a point. Given Brie Larson‘s long-standing history of controversial feminist rhetoric, it’s very likely that the car manufacturer decided to use her for this reason specifically. Still, rumors of her anti-male beliefs have been greatly exaggerated and taken out of context by troll groups online, with many even going so far as to petition to have her removed as Carol Danvers from the MCU altogether.

Of course, Captain Marvel has been criticized by some for a having shallow feminist message as well that came across as hamfisted rather than empowering, though the film still went on to garner positive overall reviews and earn $1.128 billion at the box office. And it seems that the powerful superhero is here to stay, as Disney has recently greenlit Captain Marvel 2 for release in 2022.