Here’s How Brie Larson Could Look As Princess Peach In Super Mario Bros. Movie

Brie Larson

Look, it’s slim pickings at the moment. You know full well why. All writers love a challenge, and this might be my greatest battle yet. So, let’s get this over with.

In an age when movie adaptations of video games are becoming increasingly prevalent (and increasingly successful), it’s only a matter of time before we see Mario return to the big screen. For a universe of characters so iconic, so drenched in popular culture, it’s somewhat surprising there’s only been one fully fledged film based on it, 1993 super-flop Super Mario Bros.

So, as we wait for The Brothers Nintendo to make their triumphant return (apparently there’s an animated reboot in the works, too), let’s ponder this. Who should play Princess Peach in a new movie? Well, Twitter user @Apexform1 has a favoured choice.

In this piece of fan art, Apexform1 has selected Brie Larson as their regal Peach. There’s a sentence you don’t say every day. Or ever. Anyways, you can check out their work in the gallery down below:

Apex also suggests that this art has been inspired by recent reports that Larson is being eyed for the new Super Mario movie. And while an official announcement on who may end up in the role has yet to come our way, it’s pretty clear that the internet is all for the Captain Marvel star taking on the part.

Well, would you look at that chaps, we made it. Super Mario and Princess Peach have been conquered. Not a bad night’s work in the end after all. But tell us, do you want to see Brie Larson star as the iconic character in the upcoming adaptation? As always, let us know down below.