Brie Larson Rumored To Have Signed Huge Deal With Apple

Brie Larson

Thanks to the advent of streaming services creating both more competition and a greater desire for content than ever before, the various platforms competing for subscribers have started signing big name actors to huge first-look development deals to make sure they’ve got the edge when it comes to giving A-list stars a home for projects they’re passionate about.

It’s a recent phenomenon that can be traced back to Adam Sandler taking Happy Madison Productions exclusively to Netflix, and since then the floodgates have well and truly been opened, with a number of stars setting up shop at various streamers around town. Just a couple of days ago, for instance, Robert Pattinson signalled his intentions to move into producing by committing himself to Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Television, New Line Cinema and HBO Max for theatrical, streaming, and television properties.

Natalie Portman, meanwhile, recently set up shop at AppleTV+, Kevin Hart and Jason Bateman both inked bumper Netflix deals, Nicole Kidman’s Blossom Films partnered with Amazon, and the list goes on and on. Now, a new rumor claims that Brie Larson has followed fellow Academy Award winner Portman’s lead by heading to Apple.

There are no further details made available, and the story hasn’t been corroborated by any of the trades as of yet, but the actress has made her intentions to move behind the camera abundantly clear in recent years. After writing and directing several short films, she produced and helmed Netflix’s dramatic comedy Unicorn Store, but in the four years since, Brie Larson has remained strictly an on-camera talent. However, if the Captain Marvel star’s signed an Apple deal, then there’s going to be plenty of activity behind the scenes to come in her future.