Brie Larson Silences Her Haters, Tells Them Not To Comment

Brie Larson

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of celebrities and movie stars, unable to work on their various projects, are self-isolating at home with not a whole lot to do. As such, they’ve started alternate projects to keep busy and continue interacting with their fans.

Brie Larson is one such celebrity who’s taken on some new ventures and as you may’ve heard, she recently started her very own YouTube channel. Launched in an effort to further her social activism and also give us a window into her personal life, it’s already begun to spur a lot of backlash online – most of it unjustified. Of course, this hasn’t bothered the actress in the slightest and she’s continuing to produce content for the channel.

Not only that, but she’s firing back at the haters as well, saying the following at the end of a recent upload:

“Please like the video if you liked it. If you didn’t like it, keep your comments to yourself.”

Larson is obviously no stranger to hate and backlash online, with seemingly everything she does attracting attention from people who are eager to tear her down. And to give her credit, she handles it all pretty well, with this latest video being another example of that.

As for when we’ll see her next on the big screen, it could be a while. According to IMDb, the actress’ only in-development project is Captain Marvel 2. And that’s not expected to be with us until 2022. But until then, at least Brie Larson has her YouTube channel, where she’ll no doubt continue to upload content – whether people like it or not. And if they fall into the latter camp, they can, like the actress says, keep their comments to themselves.