Brit Marling Inflitrates The East In New Trailer


Brit Marling co-wrote The East with director Zal Batmanglij, but most who’ve seen the film are in consensus that she’s just as talented on screen as she is with the pen. The film’s newest trailer, which hit the web today, attempts to showcase that, as almost the entire 1:42 is focused on her character’s conflicted position within the story.

This trailer reveals a lot more about the film than the first one did. While that trailer was very intense, this one really shows the arc of Marling’s character, Sarah Moss, and highlights why she’s attempting to infiltrate this group. We also get a brief look at a romance between her and Benji (Alexander Skarsgård).

That doesn’t mean that this trailer is any less intense than the first. We find out that the potential damage is “severe,” and that something prompts Sarah to want to break her cover.  It seems like a dark and smart story, and something that I’d be very interested in.

As great as Marling is in this trailer, the actress I’m most excited to see is Ellen Page. Page is always great in lighter roles, but she really stands above when she’s tasked with something more serious, and this definitely falls into the latter camp.

If this trailer isn’t enough to get you excited for the film, check out the reviews. It doesn’t hit theatres for another month, but it did play at Sundance where the response was overwhelmingly positive. Our review didn’t break that mold and even goes as far to call The East one of the most captivating films of Sundance 2013.

In addition to Marling, Skarsgård, and Page, the film also stars Patricia Clarkson, and Jason Ritter. It hits theatres May 31, 2013

What do you think of The East? Does this trailer get you excited for the film? Check it out then share your thoughts in the comments section below.