Mark Ruffalo Says Hulk Is Impressed By Thanos In Avengers: Infinity War


Remember the post-credits scene of Thor: Ragnarok? It saw the Asgardian refugee ship dwarfed by Thanos’ enormous spaceship, the Sanctuary II, suggesting that some trouble was about to kick off for the God of Thunder. Going by what we know of Avengers: Infinity War, the Mad Titan will attack the vessel in order to get his hands on the Space Stone, which Loki sneakily pinched.

Someone else who was on the refugee ship when we last saw it though was the Hulk. As such, when the Green Goliath eventually transforms back into Bruce Banner, he’ll have some insider knowledge about the formidable purple villain as he’s seen him fight up close – which is more than can be said for the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When caught up with him during a recent a set visit, Mark Ruffalo revealed that Banner will be left “terrified” by his encounter with Thanos and will make sure to tell his fellow heroes how dangerous their foe is when he returns to Earth.

“Banner knows probably more about Thanos than anybody. He’s really trying to impress on everybody how dangerous he is. It’s a little bit of a Chicken Little. He comes in screaming, ‘Bloody murder!’ He’s seen what damage [Thanos] can cause and how powerful he is. The entire group is in disarray, so there’s also getting caught up on what’s happened here. He’s trying to get them to transcend their differences and impress upon them how much danger they’re actually facing.”

That said, while Banner will be scared by the might of Thanos, his angry alter ego will actually be “impressed” with his enemy. Ruffalo went on to talk about Hulk’s varying opinion, which is just part of his growth and development that came about from his long time in the driver’s seat during the events of Ragnarok.

“The Hulk is also mightily impressed by Thanos, The division between Hulk and Banner is starting to blur a little bit. You have a Hulk that can actually express himself without being angry.”

No doubt Hulk will be itching to have a rematch against the Mad Titan when the Avengers join forces in Wakanda to take on Thanos and his forces during Infinity War‘s third act. During this skirmish, Hulk looks set to have some additional armour, as well, as evidence points to him donning Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit in the movie. Excited yet?

Avengers: Infinity War hits cinemas on April 27th.