Bruce Campbell Denies That There Will Be An Army of Darkness 2


Last week, Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez revealed on Twitter that a sequel to cult classic Army of Darkness was on its way and would have Sam Raimi attached to direct. A week before that, Bruce Campbell also told fans at the Nashville Comic-Con that he was slated to return to the big screen with Army of Darkness 2. However, the cult icon is now detracting his claims that a sequel to the horror comedy is coming to theatres, explaining that all of the talk about the movie is “Internet B.S.”

In an interview with Popfix, Bruce Campbell said that “there’s no reality whatsoever” behind the rumours for Army of Darkness 2. “These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi’s mouth, next thing you know, we’re making a sequel,” he continues. “We do appreciate people’s enthusiasm for another Army of Darkness, but they should just wait until it’s real. I feel bad for people because the Internet is so prey to misinformation, it’s unbelievable how much misinformation there is.”

Bruce Campbell’s comments are mysterious, considering that this afternoon Fede Alvarez retweeted comments from editor Evan Dickson claiming the film “is being worked on but there’s no shooting date.”

It is bizarre that the actor is flip-flopping on his potential involvement with the film but it’s also possible that he could have made his statement as a joke. After all, the horror comedies he made with Raimi in the 80s and 90s mix genres to the extent that it is hard to tell whether certain scenes are meant to be serious or funny. With such contradicting reports though, it is hard to say whether Campbell is being serious or just trying to rile up some more, as he says, “Internet B.S.”

What do you think? Will be eventually see an Army of Darkness 2?