Bruce Campbell Says He’d Like To Play Superman

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Of all the actors in the world who’d volunteer to take on the role of the Man Of Steel, probably not many think that Bruce Campbell would throw his hat into the ring. But it appears that’s exactly what he’s done. In a post on Twitter recently, the B-movie star expressed interest in donning the red cape to play Superman.

His tweet was short and sweet, but it doesn’t take too much deciphering to know what he’s getting at.

Even though Campbell has a little bit of experience working on superhero movies (he played small parts in the first three Spider-Man films as well as offering his voice to their respective video game adaptations), he’s probably not the first person you might think of to fill Superman’s tight-bonding underwear.

It’d certainly be interesting to see how the Chinned Wonder would interpret the Man Of Steel as he flies around saving the City of Metropolis, but it’s fair to say he’s best known more for playing cult heroes in goofy horror flicks, such as Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep. His most notable role to date, of course, is playing Ash in the first three Evil Dead films (which were all directed by Raimi).

Then again, he could just be joking, but even if he is, there are definitely people out there who’d love to see him take on the role. Fans on Twitter were already expressing similar interest in Campbell as the Last Son Of Krypton and you can check out some of their responses below.

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