Bruce Willis Battles James McAvoy In Glass Set Video


M. Night Shyamalan’s much-anticipated Glass, the sequel to both 2003’s Unbreakable and 2017’s Splithas been in production for about a month now. Last week, we got our first glimpse at one of the movie’s triumvirate of stars on set – namely, Samuel L. Jackson back in character as the titular Mr. Glass – and now, a juicy set video reveals Jackson’s co-stars: Bruce Willis and James McAvoy.

Not only that, but it sees the pair locked in a fierce fist fight. It appears that neither of them is able to best the other, until an unknown third character runs into shot to break up the clash.

Though Willis is hooded, that’s unmistakably him, as the figure McAvoy’s fighting is wearing David Dunn’s iconic oversized rain coat. Fitting in with Unbreakable‘s stripped-back take on the superhero genre, Dunn didn’t go for colourful spandex when he went out fighting crime, donning his Security Guard poncho instead. This is the first time we’ve seen Willis in the coat since Unbreakable, though it was glimpsed hanging on a stand during the shocking final scene of Split. 

Meanwhile, McAvoy’s Kevin Wendell Crumb AKA The Horde is shirtless, which suggests he’s in his Beast persona here. Split viewers will remember that The Beast is Crumb’s fabled 24th personality, a monstrous cannibal obsessed with cleansing the world of the “impure” – those who haven’t experienced hardship or trauma. This would make sense, considering that it’s the only one of his identities that could have the strength to take on Dunn’s super-durable hero.

Despite its comic book influences, Unbreakable didn’t have much in the way of action and, though this isn’t the sort of highly-choreographed fight scene we’re used to in superhero movies, it does suggest that Glass might be a little more full-blooded and less cerebral.

How will Dunn fare against both The Horde and his old nemesis Mr. Glass, though? We’ll have to see when Glass arrives in theaters on January 18th, 2019.