Bruce Willis’ mom says ‘Die Hard’ isn’t a Christmas movie

Bruce Willis as John McClane shimmies through a tight space in a still from “Die Hard”
20th Century Fox

Every December, the annual debate over whether or not Die Hard can be called a Christmas movie reignites. While both sides of the divide love to do nothing more than lob verbal bombs at each other, everybody watches it anyway because it’ll always endure as one of the greatest action movies in the history of cinema.

Director John McTiernan outlined last year what makes John McClane’s first outing in his dirty white vest stand out as a festive favorite, and it’s a question that anybody involved with the movie has been asked at least once in the last 30 or so years. However, in a shocking turn of events, Bruce Willis’ mom disagrees with Die Hard‘s Yuletide status.

die hard

For reasons that can’t really be explained, TMZ caught up with Marlene Willis and decided to ask her for her stance on the matter. The matriarch explained that even though her son’s best effort is set during the Christmas period, the holiday element itself isn’t essential to the story, so it’s not part of the perennially popular subgenre.

Of course, people would argue that if it wasn’t for the Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza, McClane would never be there in the first place and Die Hard wouldn’t exist, so folks are going to disagree with momma Willis.