Bruce Willis’ New Movie Hits Netflix Next Month


There’s an entire generation of movie fans that likely have no idea that Bruce Willis was once one of the biggest and most popular stars on the planet, such is the speed at which the action icon has descended into mediocrity. As if the countless VOD bargain basement titles that he constantly shows up in aren’t enough of an indication that he’s thrown in the towel, the 65 year-old recently appeared as John McClane in a commercial for car batteries.

You’d arguably have to go back to Rian Johnson’s 2012 sci-fi Looper to find the last time Willis gave a great performance, which isn’t encouraging when he’s pumped out a further 25 movies since then, most of which have never seen a theatrical release. His latest effort is heading to Netflix next month, and while fans may be curious to check it out, know that Hard Kill currently boasts a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Director Matt Eskandari is a regular fixture of the VOD circuit, and Hard Kill sees a team of mercenaries racing to stop a bad guy from using a rogue computer program to plunge the world into turmoil, in a movie that looks like it was pulled from the Random Plot Generator. Willis plays a billionaire tech mogul while Desperate Housewives‘ alum Jesse Metcalfe and former professional wrestler Natalie Eva Marie portray mercs alongside Texas Battle, who has one of the single greatest names on the planet.

Despite the complete dearth of positive reviews after it was initially released on digital in August, Eva Marie did get singled out as the only aspect of Hard Kill worth praising, but when the movie arrives on Netflix next month on the 23rd, it looks to be one for the longtime Bruce Willis or low budget action fans only.

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