Bruce Willis’ New Movie Now On Netflix


Bruce Willis and sci-fi have combined to deliver several great movies over the decades including 12 Monkeys, The Fifth Element, Armageddon and Looper, but we’re obviously not going to get anything up to those sort of standards during the actor’s continued drive to star in as many VOD genre films as humanly possible.

If you thought Nicolas Cage was prolific, he ain’t got sh*t on Bruce Willis. When new Netflix debutant Cosmic Sin initially arrived on digital in March of this year, it was his second sci-fi effort in the space of three months following December 2020’s Breach. It also marked his thirteenth credit since the beginning of 2018, and just the first of six movies he’s got coming out before this year is over.

If that still wasn’t enough, the 66 year-old has another seven projects in various stages of production and development, which are all expected to land before the 2022. Quantity over quality is very much the order of the day for the Die Hard icon’s career, as evidenced by Cosmic Sin holding a dismal 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, terrible science fiction has always tended to play inexplicably well with Netflix’s army of subscribers, so don’t discount the turgid slice of low budget spectacle posting a strong showing on the platform. For what it’s worth, Willis plays a disgraced general 500 years in the future, who leads a mission to invade an alien planet before the natives have the opportunity to strike first.

Cosmic Sin is exactly the sort of movie you think it is based on a cursory glance at the plot, cast or trailers, so you no doubt already know if it’ll be added to your watch-list later on today.