Bruce Willis, Patrick Muldoon Star in New Trailer For Deadlock


A new trailer is out for Deadlock, the latest action movie to star Bruce Willis, the actor known for films including the Die Hard franchise, Armageddon, and Pulp Fiction.

In Deadlock, Willis plays Ron Whitlock, a vengeful criminal who kills two cops and leads a group of mercenaries in a hostile takeover of an energy plant after the death of his son at the hands of police. The plot, which sees Whitlock and his gang take scores of hostages, threatens to flood an entire town.

Patrick Muldoon, who costars in the film as retired elite army ranger Mack Carr, is the only thing standing between Whitlock and the lives of thousands of residents. Carr is a worker at the plant who, using his military skills and background, manages to escape the mercenaries and mount a resistance to the hostage crisis.

The new trailer, which can be viewed in full above, features a mix of brutal action and suspense accompanied by the occasional banter and witty dialogue. Fans of Willis signature style and devil may care attitude are sure to find something to get excited about in the newly released footage.

Like Willis, Muldoon has also appeared in his fair share of action films including Starship Troopers, Arkansas, and more recently The Card Counter. In addition to Willis and Muldoon, the film will also star Matthew Marsden, Lorenzo Antonucci, and Jared Bankens, with a release date set for Dec. 3 when Deadlock will be available in theaters, digital, and on-demand.