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Brutal true believers ponder which MCU weapon would cause the most painful death

A surprisingly high volume of awful ways to die.

thor the dark world black hole grenade
via Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been, currently is, and always will be a PG-13 franchise (with the exception of Deadpool’s eventual reintroduction into the fold), but that doesn’t mean the saga hasn’t thrown an alarming number of grisly deaths on the screen to leave audiences shocked and a little bit queasy.

As long as there’s no actual blood and guts to send the MPAA into a tizzy, the realms of superhero cinema allow for all sorts of creative dispatches, many of which would lead to a slow, agonizing, and utterly excruciating death for those unfortunate enough to find themselves target for extinction.

Being the questionable bunch that they are, the good folks of Reddit have been debating which weaponized MCU implement of destruction would be the one capable beyond all others of causing physical pain on an unimaginable level. Things kicked off with Thor: The Dark World‘s black hole grenades, and got darker from there.

The Grandmaster’s melt stick does the job you’d expect given the name, while many people still aren’t over the poor dude in Ant-Man who got vaporized, wiped up with a tissue, and then flushed down the toilet by Darren Cross. The Infinity Gauntlet is viewed by some commenters as a get out of jail free card, but Thanos didn’t half f*ck a lot of people up with it.

Even something so quaint-sounding as being “pruned” by the TVA has terrifying consequences, so it’s not as if Marvel has been kidding around when it comes to shuffling its residents off their mortal coil.

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