Bryan Cranston & Alice Eve Sign On For Eye Of Winter

Ever since Breaking Bad made him super-popular, Bryan Cranston is popping up in everything these days. This year alone, he’s popped up in six films, including Argo, Total Recall, John Carter and Rock of Ages. Now, along with Alice Eve (She’s Out Of My League), Cranston has signed on to star in an indie thriller titled Eye of Winter, which sounds like a dark and haunting snow-based vampire film or something but is actually about a struggling motel owner (Eve) who is taken hostage by a nearly blind career criminal who uses her as a pair of eyes. Cranston is set to play the blind career criminal, which will certainly be an interesting role for a man who has mostly played characters with good visibility.

Also great news is that Ursula Parker (who plays Louis C.K’s daughter in Louie) is playing Alice Eve’s daughter in the film. If you’re familiar with her in Louie, you’ll know she’s a charismatic little thing with some serious acting chops and violin-based talent. If you haven’t, then, well, I’ve just told you everything you need to know. Tze Chun (Children of Invention) is set to direct, though no release date has been announced yet.

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Source: First Showing