Did Bryan Cranston Pass On Commissioner Gordon Role In Justice League?


Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston has been suggested for many roles by comic book fans over the years, but the Emmy award winning actor has yet to sign up and star in one despite showing a great deal of interest in the genre. It’s clear that he’s waiting for the right role then, but based on comments in the video above, Justice League‘s Commissioner Gordon was not it.

Asked if he’s been approached for any characters in particular, Cranston had this to say about why he seemingly said no to Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder.

“I’ve been asked to take a look at Commissioner Gordon. And it’s well, I would be one in several [movies]. I’d kind of like to carve out a new identity.”

Reading between the lines, it doesn’t sound like the actor was keen on joining Justice League to be the latest in a long line of people to play Gordon (the role instead went to J.K. Simmons). Instead, it seems like he’s far more interested in someone moviegoers aren’t that familiar with, as Cranston goes on to specifically mention X-Men bad guy Mr. Sinister as a personal favourite of his.

Unfortunately for him, that role has probably already been taken in next year’s Wolverine: Weapon X. The best fit for Cranston, in our opinion at least, is still the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but not if he’s going to end up being the latest in a long line of forgettable villains.

Tell us, who do you think Cranston would be a good choice to play now that he’s passed on Justice League and the DCEU?