Bryan Singer Prepping Age Of Heroes


Though his future with the X-Men franchise is in doubt following accusations of sexual assault, X-Men: Days of Future Past Bryan Singer has in no way been blacklisted in Hollywood and is in fact already pushing forward with another high-profile comic-book property. According to The Tracking Board, Singer is currently developing action fantasy Age of Heroes through his Bad Hat Harry Productions banner.

Based on the ’90s comic series and recent novel of the same name by James Hudnall, Age of Heroes centers on a band of misfits in a fantasy land that is ruled over by gods. But when those all-powerful beings disappear, the misfits are forced to step up and defend their land against new threars. The more complete, official synopsis reads as follows:

When the gods were born, they remade the world in the image of their dreams. This was known as the Age of Gods. When man was created along with other races of beings, fantastic cities were raised, insane magics were forged and unimaginable wars were fought, as the gods battled for supremacy over all creation. This was known as the Age of Wonders. When the gods fled and man was left to make his way in a world full of monsters and arcane magic, some rose up to right wrongs and create justice. This was known as The Age of Heroes.

Newcomer Alex Hollister will write the script. In addition to Singer, Marc Berliner is also attached to produce, as are David Engel and Stephen Emery through their Circle of Confusion company. No word yet on whether Singer also plans to direct Age of Heroes.

There’s also still no official word on whether Singer will be helming X-Men: Apocalypse, Fox’s 2016-slotted Days of Future Past follow-up. He’s currently working on developing the film for Fox, but the recent allegation against him are likely causing studio execs to hesitate in handing him the gig officially (not that his legal troubles appear to have had any effect on the box office earnings of Days of Future Past).