Bucky Wields All Six Stones On Incredible Avengers: Infinity War Fan Art


Let’s suppose we slipped into some alternate reality in which Bucky Barnes gained control of all six Infinity Stones, what would that look like?

Thankfully, we don’t have to strain our imagination too hard, as the talented minds of ‘h.k.artworks‘ and ‘v2vdesigns‘ (h/t Reddit) have rendered a truly incredible series of artwork for Avengers: Infinity War. And it all centers on the White Wolf of Wakanda.

Embedded below, there are seven mock images in total, six of which are dedicated to each Infinity Stone – namely Space, Mind, Time, Soul, Power and Reality – before we see Sebastian Stan’s redeemed anti-hero wielding an Infinity Gauntlet fast approaching the height of its powers.

If nothing else, it’s an inspired gallery of fan art, though we shouldn’t take these designs as gospel, as it’s nigh on impossible that Bucky Barnes would gain control of the souped-up gauntlet – the only character who stands a chance of seizing Thanos’ crown jewel is Nebula, and even she has a mountain to climb before making that dream a reality.

Speaking of the Infinity Gauntlet, one of the big rumors surrounding Avengers 4 infers that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will journey back in time, or to some alternate timeline, in order to create a second gauntlet beyond the reach of Thanos. Doing so would allow our heroes to undo the MCU’s extinction event, too – and not a moment too soon, what with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Spider-Man: Far From Home already in the works.

Avengers: Infinity War, meanwhile, is destined for a Blu-ray release on August 14th – two weeks after it premieres on digital.