The Burning Woman Attracts A Stellar Cast


No, The Burning Woman is not an alternative festival in the American desert – it’s an upcoming dramatic film from producer Ridley Scott, which has now attracted an impressive, stellar cast. The script comes from Brad Ingelsby (Run All Night), and it’s this that has become the talk of the town – drawing in some notable names.

Sienna Miller, Jacki Weaver, Aaron Paul and Christina Hendricks – each award-winning performers in their own right – will join the cast of The Burning Woman, under the direction of Jake Scott, who is the son of Ridley, and previously helmed Welcome To The Rileys. Details of the plot for the film are still few and far between at this point. We simply know that it will centre on a woman who finds herself having to care for her young grandson after the mysterious disappearance of her teenage daughter. Which part these noted actors will play in that story remains unknown.

Producer Ridley Scott explained in a statement that the excitement stems from the screenplay:

“An excellent script by Brad Inglesby has drawn a truly excellent cast. For me, a dream come true.”

However the cast are distributed through this tale, we can look forward to a female-driven story centred on the compelling nature of motherhood, with some thriller elements added in. We can also expect a plot that unfolds details of a teenager’s disappearance, and its impact on her immediate family.

There’s no indication yet as to when this project might roll into production, but with this calibre of talent on board, we should also expect to see The Burning Woman play well on the festival circuit ahead of awards season, when it finally makes it to the screen.

Source: THR