C-3PO Actor Says He’s Changed His Mind About His Favorite Star Wars Movie


Ask a Star Wars fan what their favorite movie in the saga is and the chances are that they’ve probably had a different top pick over the years. For instance, maybe they had a childhood favorite but then another one as an adult. It seems this applies to actors within the franchise, too, as Anthony Daniels has revealed that he’s now changed his long-held opinion about his personal choice for the finest film in the Skywalker saga.

The C-3PO actor tweeted over the weekend that he’s “always” thought that A New Hope was the best one, but having rewatched it recently, he’s decided that his new favorite is… Attack of the Clones. Kidding, kidding! It’s actually The Empire Strikes Back. 

“For reasons that may or may not become clear, I just watched TESB. I always said ANH was my fave ep (nightmare to film but a simple-to-follow story – not political – no worries about the colour of your lightsaber etc),” the star wrote. “I’ve had a revelation. Ep V is the BEST! Thanks to GL [George Lucas, creator] and IK [Irvin Kershner, director].”

There are a lot of folks out there who would agree with Daniels’ new choice. I think it’s fair to say that Empire Strikes Back is widely viewed to be the single best movie in the Star Wars canon, by critics and fans alike. It’s been a huge influence on subsequent franchises for how to make a successful sequel, too. Having said that, New Hope has a lot of supporters as well, given that it launched us into that galaxy far, far away in the first place.

And one of those supporters is this particular fan:

Like I said, though, pretty much everyone’s in agreement with Daniels’ revised decision.

I mean, it’s not just the best ever Star Wars movie, is it?

The Empire Strikes Back – is it the finest Star Wars can offer? And are there any fans of the prequels/sequels out there? Share your reactions to Daniels’ ranking in the usual place below.