C3PO Thinks That Star Wars: Episode VII Will Be The Best Sequel Ever


It’s Monday and you know what that means: Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor Day! Yay! Although, actually, this little tidbit of news is less rumor and more hype, but why split hairs on Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor Day? This is a day for everyone to sit back and enjoy some quality hype.

The latest bit of Episode VII news comes to us courtesy of Anthony Daniels’ Twitter feed, where he claims that Episode VII is going to be even greater than The Empire Strikes Back, quipping:

Now that is quite a promise.

Mr. Daniels is once more appearing as C3PO in the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel to the classic Star Wars trilogy. Being a member of the original cast has its perks, such as recalling what working on the original films were like and knowing how terribly the prequels turned out. But of course, we must remember that Daniels is a member of the cast, so him saying that the film he’s currently working on is a great movie is to be expected. Still, it’s a pretty hefty promise to make, given the general agreement that The Empire Strikes Back is the greatest Star Wars movie in the history of ever.

I hope that all this hype means we won’t be exhausted by the time December 2015 finally rolls around. Between rumors about who is, is not, and might be appearing in Episode VII, and how incredibly awesome Episode VII must be, it’s been quite a hype-fest already. Those of us who remember the sheer excitement that surrounded the release of Episode I might be a bit trepidatious about all this.

We shall have to wait until the film comes out on December 18, 2015 to decide whether C3PO is a total liar. Until then, this has been your Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor Day. See you next week!

Source: /Film