Here’s Why Cable Wants Russell In Deadpool 2


The Powers That Be over at 20th Century Fox have purportedly mapped out a four-film arc for Nathan Summers (AKA Cable), beginning with Deadpool 2. We can only assume that that means they have big, big plans for the fan favorite character, and that they hope to keep Josh Brolin around for the long haul – which makes sense.

After all, the so hot right now actor is coming off a fantastic performance as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and in Deadpool 2, he’ll play a pretty crucial role as well, given Cable has made it his mission to locate Julian Dennison’s Russell. But what could this time-traveling mercenary with a no-nonsense attitude to match want with a young, and seemingly innocent boy?

Well, it turns out that he’s got a good reason for trying to locate the kid, but before we go any further, we’ll warn you that we’re about to jump into spoiler territory. So if you’re hoping to walk into the film not knowing anything about Cable’s quest, turn back now. You’ve been warned.

It seems as if Summers is on a bit of a revenge mission in Deadpool 2. You see, it’s actually Russell who killed his wife and daughter in the future. As we learn early on in the film, the boy has been the victim of abuse at the mutant orphanage he grew up in, causing him to harbor a lot of anger and resentment to those who run the institution.

In Cable’s timeline, Russell actually ends up killing the man who’s in charge of the orphanage, along with everyone else in it, and this sets him down a dark path, where he gets a thirst for murder and turns evil. The exact reason why he targets Summers’ family is a bit hazy – though it has something to do with Brolin’s character trying to hunt down Russell in the future – but it’s him who causes Cable to lose everything. Thus, the fan favorite mutant travels back in time to kill the boy before he can commit those heinous acts.

Frankly, the filmmakers could’ve spent a bit more time explaining what exactly happened in the future and perhaps even fleshing out Cable’s story with a little more depth, but we suppose that’s what the X-Force movie will be for. As far as Deadpool 2 goes, both characters still make an impact and you’ll be able to see all this play out for yourself when the pic arrives on Friday, May 18th.

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