Cable’s Daughter In Deadpool 2 Could Set Up A Major X-Men Storyline


Cable made a big impact in Deadpool 2, make no mistake about it. But unfortunately, the film stopped short of digging into his hugely convoluted life from the comics. For instance, there’s no mention of the fact that’s he’s Cyclops’ son. However, we do find out that his daughter is named Hope towards the end of the movie – which is a pretty big deal.

In the comics, Hope Summers isn’t actually the biological sprog of Cable but is instead the Mutant Messiah, the first mutant baby born after Scarlet Witch drives mutantkind to near extinction. An Omega Level Mutant and the heir to the Phoenix Force, she’s prophesied to save her people and finds herself under Cable’s protection, being raised as both his daughter and sidekick in battle (think Big Daddy and Hit-Girl).

It’s currently unknown what Fox may have planned for the character, but just the mention of her here could open some pretty big doors if that merger with Disney goes through. You see, Hope’s essentially the Macguffin of the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, which could be on the cards if Marvel Studios get a hold of these characters. Together with the Phoenix Force, it would be a neat move for the House of Ideas to make use of the concepts introduced in recent X-Men films.

Alternatively, they could also be setting up another big story here. Given that we know the next time we see DP on screen it’ll be in X-Force, what if Fox is planting some seeds for the Messiah War storyline from the comics? For those unfamiliar, it sees the aforementioned militaristic mutant group sent into the future by Cyclops with their goal being to hunt down Cable and Hope.

Really, given how important the latter is to several famous arcs involving the X-Men, the possibilities are plentiful now that we know she exists in this cinematic universe. And though Deadpool 2 didn’t give us much to go on, it’s clear that the groundwork is being laid for something big.