Cameron Crowe’s Next Romantic Comedy Adds Jay Baruchel

jay baruchel

Who doesn’t love Cameron Crowe? The talented American director has made his mark with a filmography of well-received, original, character-driven movies, many positively stunning in the pure sense of joy and optimism that they communicate. Lack of cynicism is a rare gift in Hollywood indeed.

The director is currently hard at work on his latest film, an untitled romantic comedy starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride and Alec Baldwin. That’s quite an impressive cast, but it doesn’t end there as today we’re hearing that the project has picked up yet another star in the form of This Is The End‘s Jay Baruchel.

The Hawaii-set film, based on an original screenplay by Crowe, will apparently center on a military contractor (Cooper) who recruits an Air Force pilot (Stone) to prevent a top-secret military launch he’s supposed to be helping to facilitate. Inevitably, sparks fly between the two.

Baruchel will reportedly play the step-brother of Cooper’s character. The film’s plot will apparently explore the mythical, magical side of Hawaiian culture, as initial reports from The Hollywood Reporter note that “mystical island forces and a talking computer” will factor into the story.

When the project was previously planned in 2008, with Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon attached to the two lead roles, it was known as Deep Tiki. However, the film fell apart back then and was eventually postponed, while Crowe worked on We Bought A Zoo and two music documentaries, The Union and Pearl Jam Twenty. Though this new film remains nameless, it is widely expected to be a rewrite of Deep Tiki, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if Crowe confirms that title sometime in the near future.

Crowe’s greatly affecting comedic dramas (see: Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous) typically get to me, so though the tone for this new rom-com seems pretty much all over the place at the moment, I have pretty high hopes for it. Though no release date has been announced yet, I’d expect to be seeing this movie sometime in 2014.

Are you a fan of Crowe’s greatly sincere, sanguine style? Or will you only be checking out this new project for its all-star cast? Let us know in the comments section!