Cameron Diaz And Jason Segel Make A Sex Tape In New Trailer

sex tape

Though the main box office draws this summer will mostly be blockbuster sequels and adaptations (Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future PastDawn of the Planet of the ApesGuardians of the Galaxy), there are a few promising comedies on the way as well. Unfortunately, Sex Tape isn’t one of them. Though trailers for Neighbors22 Jump StreetLet’s Be Cops and even A Million Ways to Die in the West have had me in stitches, the previews for Sex Tape seem to be hitting the same lame jokes every time.

The latest ad, a tamer green-band version of the raunchy red-band trailer that dropped at the beginning of the month, is no different. Onee again, we’re reminded that Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are getting old, the cloud is scary, and having dumb sex tapes leak is even scarier. There are only a few new jokes in the trailer, none of which particularly connect. If you have an interest in the comedy, you can check it out below to see for yourself.

Diaz is the only reason that moviegoers may want to check out Sex Tape – the trailer features her in various states of undress, with hints that the finished product may go even further. In other news, Segel looks like a terrifying skeleton. Whether that’s all his weight loss or Sony did some post-production work on the guy, I do not know.

This film also stars some terrific comedians in supporting roles, though you may miss them if you blink during the trailer. Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe and Jack Black all play the parts of individuals whom Diaz and Segel’s married couple desperately attempt to prevent from watching the lengthy sex tape they have accidentally uploaded through the virtual cloud.

While I’m still not sold on this comedy, the appeal of Diaz and Segel may just be enough to entice moviegoers.

Sex Tape hits theaters on July 25th. Will you be watching?

Source: Collider