Cameron Diaz Takes Role Eyed By Angelina Jolie In The Counselor

Twitch is reporting that Cameron Diaz has been cast in the role of Malinka, a role previously offered to Angelina Jolie in Ridley Scott‘s The Counselor. Jolie’s departure from the project is said to be due to scheduling conflicts with Maleficent, which begins production next month, the same time as The Counselor.

For those who have read the script written by Cormac McCarthy, like myself, you will probably agree that this is one of the worst casting choices that we’ve seen in a long time. Diaz, who really has no legitimate drama acting credibility minus Gangs Of New York, will play the “hyper-sexualized Argentinean woman” and love interest of the character Reiner, who really is the best part in the script.

The film stars Michael Fassbender as the title character, as well as Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem, and follows:

“An attorney (Fassbender) who is in search of a big payday after he proposes to his girlfriend, Laura. So he hooks up with Reiner (Bardem), an acquaintance with deep criminal ties, for a new business proposition: they’ll take $20 million worth of cocaine from south of the border and offload it themselves, aided by the no-good Westray (Pitt).”

I think Fassbender is perfect casting for the lead role. Though he wasn’t my first choice, Brad Pitt is great for the part of Westray and Javier Bardem, though not who I imagined, will make an interesting Reiner. I think Jolie would have made a great Malinka, and though once again she wasn’t my first choice, she is a whole lot better than Cameron Diaz.

The only remaining part is the role of Fassbender’s fiancée Laura, who I think Diaz would have been much better suited for. That part has had Natalie Portman and Penelope Cruz circling at different stages, however no one is confirmed as of yet.

The Counselor stars Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt and will be released in 2013.