Canadians Rejoice! Captain Canuck Will Be Granted His Own Feature Film

Another day, another big screen superhero adaptation announced – surprised? Well, don’t answer that just yet. The latest superhero to be granted an origin story won’t be obvious to us United States readers sporting patriotic Captain America fandom.

Screen Rant has just reported that Mind’s Eye Entertainment, searching far and wide, have selected Arne Olsen to turn a fifteen page sample treatment into a full length feature screenplay for Canada’s answer to Captain AmericaCaptain Canuck.

Yup, Arne Olsen – yes THAT Arne Olsen of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie fame – beat out numerous other test scripts to win full writing credits on a Captain Canuck film looking to start production within the next year and a half.

Created in 1975 by Richard Comely, Captain Canuck was a secret agent granted super-strength and super-speed after exposure to extraterrestrial zeta rays.  Since his creation, Captain Canuck has received three different reincarnations which all see the superhero under a brand new alter ego. We can only begin to speculate whether Tom Evans, Darren Oak, or David Semple will be the focus of Olsen’s script.

What we can confirm is Olsen’s handling of source material, as the writer expressed what tonal choices he believes will work best to bring Captain Canuck success similar to Captain America:

“I’m much more interested in the grittier [films] – where there’s a much more realistic approach. The way we’re going to approach this is – more of a visceral action thriller in the [style] of the Bourne trilogy. We’re trying to take him to more of a 21st century sensibility. Hipper, with a bit more of an interest in contemporary issues and characters, and the technology and information we have access to.”

I have to admit, the idea of grittier superhero storytelling does spark some intrigue after most recent Marvel films have focused more on safer fantasy based delivery. Entering waters traversed by such comic adaptations as The Punisher is probably out of the question, but a darker story focused on intense action based elements may present an engaging edge setting apart the two national Captains.

With details scarce but a concrete plan in place, do you think audiences will accept a lesser known property like Captain Canuck with open arms?