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Candyman Reboot Eyeing Late Summer Production Start In Chicago

Geek Vibes Nation is reporting today that the Jordan Peele-produced Candyman reboot will officially begin production in Chicago this summer.

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There’s a new Jordan Peele project currently making headway in production.

CBS All Access is already playing host to The Twilight Zone revamp, while moviegoers are still digesting the provocative themes and subtext woven into Peele’s sophomore effort, Us. But looking further afield, and the creative powerhouse has already earmarked a project for 2020. Its name? Candyman.

Granted, the Powers That Be haven’t yet committed to an official release date for Candyman, which Peele is producing. There is, however, news of a firm start date: August 20th, when the Windy City itself, Chicago, will play host to the Nia DaCosta gig for a total of four weeks. That is, assuming Candyman won’t need reshoots and/or pick-ups at a later date, but at least for now, we expect the majority of principal photography to take place during that late summer window.

Word comes to us by way of Geek Vibes Nation, though we should make it abundantly clear that Nia DaCosta of Little Woods fame will be calling the shots from behind the lens. Jordan Peele, on the other hand, will co-write and produce this new interpretation of Candyman, though it’s no surprise that his involvement is stealing headlines left, right and center.

Via Twitter:

Everything we’ve heard thus far about the Candyman reboot fills us with excitement – or, at the very least, cautious optimism. Not only is Tony Todd returning to the fray, but the man himself hinted at the moments in which the audience will be brought to their feet, presumably astounded by the content they’ll glimpse on screen.

Whether that actually proves to be the case will be told in time, but at least for now, we have official confirmation that next year’s Candyman film will begin shooting this summer in Chicago.

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