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‘Captain America 4’ fans shoot down second-generation superhero theory

We can't see this one happening.

Anthony Mackie as the Falcon/Captain America, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)
Image via Marvel Studios

Earlier this year, we found out that Kevin Feige himself personally oversaw the next 10 years of Marvel Cinematic Universe development at a special retreat. Needless to say, it sounds like whatever the Marvel boss has planned is at least softly set in stone.

Knowing this, one would think that fan theories surrounding the MCU would cool off a tad, but, if anything, it only adds more fuel to the many inventive fires nursed by the fandom’s most creative.

But, as we learned from Jurassic Park many moons ago, just because you can, in no way does that mean you should. Of course, that didn’t stop one overly eager fan from pitching one of r/marvelstudios’ iffiest theories to date.

The theory in question suggests that Captain America: New World Order could see Sam Wilson, now sporting the mantle of Captain America, become a mentor figure to a yet-unconfirmed child of Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers, an idea that entirely disregards the possibility of too many Caps, as well as sensible arithmetic.

Responders, of course, were not buying it, with one user immediately pointing out the most glaring flaw; given that it’s been approximately 80 years since WWII, why would Sam become a mentor, and subsequently think to pass the mantle on, to a man in his 70s?

Among various other posts calling out the original poster’s math, another user took a different route, pointing out that another Captain America-adjacent character would oversaturate the MCU, to say nothing of the fact that Peggy Carter’s niece gave her eulogy, which suggests that such a child doesn’t exist in the first place.

However, one other user did suggest a viable alternative in the form of Eli Bradley, the son of super soldier Isaiah Bradley, who we were introduced to in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Indeed, it seems like this just wasn’t the original poster’s time to shine. To their credit, who knows what Feige is cooking up behind the scenes? At this point, any fan theory that manages to even touch the soon-to-be canon deserves a medal.

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