Captain America 4 Will Reportedly Have A Significant Red Skull Connection

Red Skull

Longtime Marvel Cinematic Universe fans got a surprise when Red Skull made his return as the guardian of the Soul Stone on Vormir, with Ross Marquand doing such a great job with the voice that a lot of folks were quickly Googling to see if Hugo Weaving had staged a surprise comeback as Captain America’s archenemy, but it turns out he stuck to his guns about having zero interest in reprising the part.

Marquand has already admitted that he’d be happy to show up as the former Johann Schmidt in the future as well, but a new rumor claims that Anthony Mackie’s solo debut as the hero in Captain America 4 will introduce his daughter instead. Sinthea Schmidt goes by the alias Sin in the comic books, and That Hashtag Show offers that a “Kate Mara type” is being sought to play the villain, who will work to reestablish HYDRA and reevaluate her father’s legacy, as well as that of Steve Rogers and his star-spangled successor.

Of course, you’re best to take this one with a pinch of salt given that the report says the script is on its third rewrite and casting calls are out already, despite Captain America 4 having been in development for little over a month and nobody even bothered to tell Anthony Mackie that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier scribes Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson had been given the green light to start work until a guy at his local grocery store filled him in.

On top of that, countless villains have been linked to Captain America 4 since the news first broke, but the potential introduction of Sin does make a great deal of storyline sense given Phase Four’s preoccupation with the idea of legacy and what it means to follow in someone’s footsteps.