Here’s What Was Shown In The Captain America: Civil War Asia Pop ComicCon Trailer


It wasn’t too long ago that a portion of the Captain America: Civil War trailer that was shown at D23 leaked online. Seen above, the footage was poor quality and ran less than 20 seconds, but it certainly helped whet our appetites for the full thing. Now, we have one more small tease to help tide us over until the official trailer is released, and it comes in the form of a description of what was shown earlier today at the Asia Pop ComicCon.

According to those in attendance, the footage was more or less the same as what was shown at D23, with only a few minor changes. Below, you’ll find a full description of what was included in the trailer, and on the whole, it certainly sounds quite similar to what audiences saw back in August.


There’s mention of the Black Widow/Hawkeye fight, the scene where Ant-Man thanks Cap for letting him join the team, an appearance by Baron Zemo, etc. – all things that were reported back when the footage played at D23. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to hear about and if you’re curious as to what was shown at the Asia Pop ComicCon, take a look below:

  • Iron Man fighting both Captain America and the Winter Soldier.
  • Iron Man throwing Cap, but not seeing Bucky and then getting subsequently punched in the face.
  • This is probably a misdirection, but Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is apparently the rumored double agent and it sounds like she double-crosses Cap. She is shown reporting to the government, including General Ross and Tony Stark, before her showdown with Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye.
  • More of the Black Widow/Hawkeye fight; Natasha looks to be in bad shape after Clint delivers a big blow
  • Vision fighting both Falcon & Scarlet Witch.
  • More of the scene where Ant-Man thanks Cap for letting him be a part of the team. This time, Scott apparently pulls a Peggy and touches Steve’s pecs to feel how big/firm they are at some point during the conversation.
  • Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo makes an appearance.
  • Steve and Bucky hugging it out.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of Spider-Man here, which makes sense given that Marvel is likely keeping him under wraps until the film hits theatres, or at least until we’re a lot closer to its release. There’s also nothing about Black Panther, so perhaps he was cut from this particular version of the trailer for some reason. He was in the D23 footage, though, so I’d expect that we’ll be seeing him once the official version lands online.

Captain America: Civil War will storm into theatres on May 6, 2016. Until then, let us know what you think of the trailer description and what you hope to see when it’s finally released online.