Captain America: Civil War Character Bios Reveal New Details On Spider-Man’s Role


As we get closer to the release of Captain America: Civil War, Marvel has been revealing more and more details about the highly-anticipate threequel. Fan screenings are set to take place at the end of the week, and we’ll surely be learning a lot more about the film at that point, but until then, some intriguing new information has found its way online in the form of character bios.

Providing intel on where we pick up with these characters when Captain America: Civil War begins, these newly released bios also include some fairly major reveals about the new looks that many of The Avengers will have in this movie. In the case of The Vision, it sounds like he’ll be taking on the guise of Edwin Jarvis, a possible hint that Agent Carter‘s James D’Arcy will make a cameo appearance.

Of course, it’s Spider-Man who is the highlight here. Providing the first official details about his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, we now know how he factors into Captain America: Civil War‘s central conflict, and it sounds like his relationship with Iron Man will definitely end up being a highlight in the upcoming Phase 3 film.

Check out all of the character bios below and see what new details you can pick out from them.


Steve Rogers/ Captain America — Steve Rogers is leading the new Avengers team on missions to safeguard humanity, but when collateral damage sparks governmental oversight, Steve, in a surprising about-face, rejects the regulation — in opposition to Tony Stark’s compliance. As the Avengers take sides, Steve is running another agenda that threatens all of them by stepping out of the bounds of the law to save and defend his best friend Bucky Barnes — the infamous Winter Soldier.

COSTUME UPDATE: There were subtle changes in Captain America’s costume — color was one and subtle changes to all the details and cut. It became a combination of the stealth suit from Winter Soldier and the Avengers: Age of Ultron suit.

Sam Wilson/Falcon — Sam Wilson’s Falcon is now a full-fledged Avenger and he is fiercely loyal to Captain America and the team. Opposing the government and Tony Stark at the same time poses no problem for the winged Avenger, who sets out to recruit Ant-Man as an added bonus for Team Cap.

COSTUME UPDATE: Falcon’s suit is more high-tech and embellished with red on the wings and modified jet pack.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier — Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier reappears, this time with more memories of the past solidifying and hopefully counterpunching his dangerous and unstoppable actions. He trusts Steve and though he has no skin in the game of Avenger vs. Avenger, he allies with Captain America against Iron Man for his own redemption.

COSTUME UPDATE: The storyline dictates Bucky is in civilian clothes for the majority of the film but in the finale he dons a costume reminiscent of The Winter Soldier but more tactical.

Scott Lang/Ant-Man — After a recent run-in with Falcon made Scott Lang’s Ant-Man a household name to the Avengers, Sam Wilson recruits the unwitting Ant-Man for Cap’s team. His ability to diminish in size can wreak havoc against the most powerful opponent, even if he is someone star-struck in Captain America’s presence.

COSTUME UPDATE: The new suit is streamlined and more high-tech. The helmet no longer has cables that snap into the back of it and antennas shoot up from the bottom and the regulator also has no dial on it.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye – Drawn out of retirement to stand beside Captain America, Hawkeye brings his superior archery skills along with some new weapons to the fight. A military man through and through, Hawkeye does not have any use for politics. He is there for Cap at any cost — against anyone, even his closest friends.

COSTUME UPDATE: A new look with a full-sleeved jacket instead of a vest, making it less comic-book in cut and more tactical and military based — much sleeker and simpler. Purple in color instead of burgundy like previous films.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch — With her powers of mental manipulation and telekinesis, Wanda brings a new dimension to the newly formed Avengers team. Just as Wanda begins to feel like she is no longer an outsider, she is unwillingly at the center of the controversy over government regulation of the Avengers. Following Hawkeye, the one Avenger that she knows will always have her back, Wanda joins Cap’s team.

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