Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Focuses On Key Moments From Final Battle

Captain America: Civil War recently became 2016’s highest grossing movie, and after the disappointing reception to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and X-Men: Apocalypse, it will without a doubt remain the year’s biggest superhero release, despite upcoming films like Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange.

Earlier this week, concept artist Maciej Kuciara (Guardians of the Galaxy) released a bit of concept art from his work on the Phase 3 flick, showcasing some of the final battle between Steve Rogers and Iron Man. The more spoiler-y moments aren’t included here, though we do get to see a slightly different take on the scene which saw Black Panther confront the suicidal Baron Zemo. A secret base of his which didn’t make it into the movie is also featured in the gallery above.


More content like this will no doubt find its way online over the coming weeks and months as Captain America: Civil War moves out of theaters and the attention turns to its eventual Blu-ray release. For now though, the movie continues to earn a decent amount each weekend despite having a fair bit of competition (it made over $15 million during the Memorial Day holiday).

Until we get more bonus material, take a look at the concept art above and let us know what your favorite part of Captain America: Civil War was by commenting below.