Captain America: Civil War Directors Confirm Captain Marvel For Avengers: Infinity War

Captain Marvel

It’s pretty obvious that Avengers: Infinity War (regardless of whether or not that ends up being the title) is going to be a huge movie with a lot of characters, but we can now officially add Captain Marvel to the list. With the two-part film set to start shooting this November and Carol Danvers expected to be cast over the summer, we never had any doubt that she would show up here. But now, the directors of Captain America: Civil War have inadvertently confirmed it in a recent interview.

Talking during an appearance at the Smithsonian Institute, the directors reportedly mentioned Captain Marvel as one of the heroes we’ll see in Avengers: Infinity War. They tried to backtrack on the comment shortly afterwards, but it seems that the cat is now out of the bag.


With the Russo Brothers recently confirming that these movies won’t necessarily be one big story and that the main reason they’re shooting back to back is due to scheduling issues, it will be interesting to see if the first Avengers: Infinity War movie tells Captain Marvel’s origin tale before she shows up in her own solo outing later in 2018.

Alternatively, that release could be set before the events of this one or the character may just be saved for the second instalment, which will see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go up against Thanos. We’ll just have to wait and see, but the best part about this news is that we’ll no doubt get some Captain Marvel casting news before Avengers: Infinity War starts shooting in the Fall.