Captain America: Civil War Shaping Up To Be Best Marvel Movie Yet, According To Anthony Mackie


Mere days after likening Joe and Anthony Russo’s upcoming sequel to a suspense thriller, Anthony Mackie has gone one step further to claim that Captain America: Civil War is shaping up to be the best Marvel movie to date.

Doing the press rounds for John Hillcoat’s action-thriller Triple 9, Mackie spoke with IGN about the monumental threequel, and why he feels it “far surpasses” the likes of Winter Solider and Iron Man – two films that are often cited among the best offerings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


When quizzed about how Civil War differs from The First Avenger and Winter Solider, the actor revealed that:

“It’ll be very different because… I feel the best Marvel movies thus far have been Winter Soldier and Iron Man” he explained. “And I think this movie far surpasses those two movies. I think the Russo brothers and Marvel have done a very good job with upping the ante every movie. And this one definitely does not fail to live up to that.”

Rubbing shoulders with Steve Rogers in Team Cap, in a separate interview Mackie also touched base on the character development underpinning Captain America: Civil War. Rather than thrusting moviegoers into the thick of the action from the get-go, Joe and Anthony Russo’s feature will build toward its climx organically: “If it’s a civil war, you have to establish why there’s a war. You can’t just start fighting and expect people to appreciate it.” We couldn’t agree more.

Anthony Mackie will take flight as Falcon once again when Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters come May 6.

Source: IGN

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