Captain America: Civil War Has Given Tom Holland A Glimpse Of Marvel Movie-Making, And He’s Excited

tom holland

Tom Holland has reason to be excited. Apart from being cast as Spider-Man in Marvel’s upcoming reboot of the character, he is also currently promoting In The Heart Of The Sea – a film directed by Ron Howard in which he co-stars with Chris Hemsworth, also known as Thor. But, it is Captain America: Civil War that has heightened his anticipation most for his first solo outing as the web-slinger, as the actor recently explained to the press.

Captain America: Civil War will be a brilliant movie, a huge movie, and I’ll have the support of the success of that movie so that I can go into my own. It was a real eye-opener to what it will be like when I start my film. I think the problem with Civil War for me was that it made me ten times more excited to start on Spider-Man, but we don’t start for months, so I’ve got to sit on that excitement for the moment.”

Perhaps most interesting has been waiting to see the inevitable subtle changes in Tom Holland’s comments to the press that would be evident after receiving his Marvel media pointers, following his Spider-Man casting. This could well be it, with his ‘the problem with the film is, it’s just too exciting’ statement. He certainly does seem to have taken ownership of the character and that project, however.

He did make a point of explaining how his long-term career plan accounts for the coming publicity storm that will swirl around him once his tenure as Spider-Man really gets underway.

“It doesn’t feel real to me, but my life hasn’t changed. I wear nicer clothes occasionally now, but that’s about it. I’m taking every day as it comes and there’s very little prep that you can do, apart from making sure you remain grounded and keep the people that are close to you close. My main goal at the moment is to make sure my work doesn’t fall below a certain calibre. I want to make sure that yes, I’ll do these big blockbuster movies, but I want to continue on with the small, independent movies and make sure I don’t lose touch with that side of the industry.”

Tom Holland will make his debut film appearance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, which opens on May 6th, 2016. Spider-Man meanwhile, is set for release on July 28th, 2017.