Captain America fans can’t get enough of Chris Evans’ trip to Disney World

As if we needed any more reason to love Chris Evans, fans of the Captain America actor are gushing over his recent trip to Disney World.

One of the rare non-controversial actors in Hollywood, Evans consistently sweeps fans away with his down-to-earth, lovable nature. His recent trip to Disney World is reinforcing the internet’s love for Evans, as photos of the actor began spreading online in the days following his trip.

Fans have been snatching up the images to share on their own social media accounts, alongside posts obsessing about everything from his outfit to the characters he interacted with.

The actor’s eye-catching black outfit was an immediate topic of conversation, leading fans to closely analyze his choice of attire.

Not that people needed an excuse to flood their social media accounts with images of Evans.

The most popular photos being shared online all relate to the actor’s interactions with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Fans couldn’t get over the genuine, charming moments captured between Evans and the characters, all from a respectful six-foot distance.

One person even noted that “Chris taking a selfie with Minnie Mouse is the most Chris Evans thing ever.”

People couldn’t get enough of the photos, and quickly began demanding more. One Twitter user put out a joking petition, calling for “Chris Evans to do a Disney World trip photo dump.”

As one fan accurately noted, Evans is far from the typical Hollywood leading man. The man fans have come to know over the last several years is kind, genuine, and humble, a far cry from some of his Marvel costars.

“Chris Evans, playing soft piano every Sunday, loving his dog and taking pictures of him all the time, big beefy and soft, has a nice laugh, loves Disney and still wear mask in public,” the user wrote. “A man written by women me thinks.”

It’s easy to see why the world collectively adores Chris Evans.