Have Captain America And Iron Man’s Civil War Teams Been Revealed?



Heroic Hollywood is reporting that they have the scoop on which heroes will be siding with Iron Man and which ones will be siding with the First Avenger in next year’s Captain America: Civil War.

This hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but their sources claim that Cap’s side will include Hawkeye, The Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and The Winter Soldier, while Iron Man will have The Vision, Spider-Man, Black Widow and War Machine.

There’s nothing terribly surprising here and it’s basically what we expected. Still, if true, it should make for an exciting film, as it’ll be nice to see some of these heroes fight alongside each other. Spider-Man was probably the biggest question mark of the bunch, but I’m definitely happy to see him on Tony’s side. It makes sense, too, given that Stark is said to have a role in Spidey’s 2017 solo film.

Captain America: Civil War will march into theatres on May 6th, 2016.

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