Captain America Star Chris Evans Is Confident A Black Widow Movie Will Eventually Happen

There’s been talk of a Black Widow movie for years now, but as we enter Marvel’s Phase 3, there’s sadly no sign of it actually becoming a reality. Everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Kevin Feige has said it could happen somewhere down the line, but for some reason, it simply hasn’t been made 100% official yet.

It’s possible Marvel Studios wanted to see how well Ghost in the Shell performed first, but considering the fact that it was a box office flop, we may not want to get our hopes up. Even so, one person who seems very confident in the chances of a Black Widow movie actually getting made is Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

“That’s a good question. It would really just clean up, wouldn’t it? Scarlett [Johansson] is so good at everything she does. She’s played such a crucial part in the other films. She always makes her presence so felt—even when there are 50 different superheroes running around onscreen. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens at some point in the future. I’m sure Scarlett would be open to it.”

Unfortunately, Evans’ comments are probably made up more of his opinion rather than any sort of inside information. Black Widow is going to play a key role in Avengers: Infinity War, but beyond that, she’s not currently scheduled to appear in the likes of Spider-Man: HomecomingBlack Panther or Captain Marvel.

It’s possible that could change, of course, but for now, it seems as if the character is being kept in The Avengers franchise. That’s obviously not a bad place to be, but the demand for a Black Widow movie remains to be seen. Whether or not Marvel will listen is another matter, especially when they have no many other projects in the works, but it certainly won’t be something we see become a reality until Phase 4 at the earliest.

Source: Elle