Watch Captain America: The First Avenger Get Roasted By CinemaSins


More than seven years after its initial release, Captain America: The First Avenger has finally been roasted by CinemaSins… again.

The YouTube channel known for its witty takedowns and frame-by-frame analyses actually re-uploaded this video over the weekend due to a complication with the channel’s archive. It’s an issue which has seemingly affected multiple YouTube channels, with reports of old videos disappearing without so much as a warning.

CinemaSins’ hilarious analysis was one such video, though it’s now available once again for your viewing pleasure. And remember, the following essay is riddled with spoilers about Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Red Skull’s plot to harness the Tesseract, which would later be revealed as one of the six all-powerful Infinity Stones anchoring the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feast thy eyes:

If you happened to miss the original video when it was uploaded to YouTube some years prior, this is the perfect, nostalgia-tinged overview of Captain America: The First Avenger and its many ‘sins.’

What’s more, it’s also a timely MCU history lesson, given Avengers 4 is now beginning to loom over the horizon. It’s yet to nail down an official title, but all signs point to a huge reveal in November when Marvel Studios is expected to unveil both the sequel’s title and its first teaser trailer. Remember, the initial showcase for Infinity War arrived at the tail-end of November, so we imagine the Powers That Be will honor a similar strategy given the two MCU titans have been pegged for late April/early May, depending on where you’re located.

And Captain America: The First Avenger? It’s an important piece of the MCU puzzle, and you can share your own thoughts on this YouTube roasting down below.

Source: CinemaSins