Captain Marvel 2’s Main Villain Has Reportedly Been Revealed


Captain Marvel 2 is currently rumored for release in 2023. Given the runaway success of her debut, the popularity of Brie Larson (also now rumored for a Star Wars role) and Marvel Studios’ ambitions to flesh out their cosmic side, it’s certain that it’s being worked on in some capacity right now. Said sequel should find the character in her post-Endgame state, and in full control of her powers. This means they’re going to need one heck of a villain to match her and now, some new rumors suggest that they’ve found one.

This story comes via the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, who claim that Captain Marvel 2 will not only introduce Richard Rider as Nova (in a student/mentor relationship with Carol Danvers), but that we’ll see the Skrull Queen Veranke as the big bad as well. Admittedly, it does conflict with previous rumors which said the main antagonist would be Michael Korvac, but that was from several months ago and things could’ve changed. Or, who knows, maybe both of them will show up?

In any case, Veranke made her debut as the villain in Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion event where she spearheaded an invasion of Earth. In that arc, she impersonated Spider-Woman aka Jessica Drew in order to win the trust of our heroes. It worked, and her plan to subjugate the world came close to success.

Naturally, Marvel Studios now won’t be able to use Spider-Woman in the MCU, so it’s speculated that Veranke will impersonate Carol Danvers while she’s in space. Post-Endgame, the world should know about Captain Marvel, and given her prominent role in defeating Thanos’ army, she should be a trusted and venerated figure on Earth.

Of course, one question that remains is that, by and large, the Skrulls are on the side of the heroes. The twist in Captain Marvel was that the Kree who granted Danvers her powers committed genocide on them and destroyed their planet. So far, the Skrulls we’ve met have been quite sympathetic, but I have no doubt that there are more than a few nursing a serious grudge against the universe for their past, and what better way to get revenge on the Kree than to impersonate one of the most powerful warriors?

I have no idea if this rumor will pan out at this point, but it at least sounds like a neat idea for Captain Marvel 2 and could definitely work out if executed properly.