Captain Marvel: Kevin Feige Touches Base On 90s Setting


One year after Brie Larson was announced in the titular role, Marvel Studios took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend to offer new intel on its long-brewing Captain Marvel spinoff movie, including its 1990s setting, the Skrulls, and the addition of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

Why the ’90s, you ask? Well, according to Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel‘s time period was decided early on in the development process, which is rather fitting when you consider that it’s due to release in between two of the studio’s biggest movies yet: Avengers: Infinity War and its as-yet-untitled sequel.

Beyond that, Feige stopped short of divulging too much in fear of spoiling anything ahead of time – Captain Marvel is still 18 months away, after all – but the studio’s president and all-around MCU architect did solicit questions during a brief interview with MTV (via Screen Rant). Fair warning: the answers are all short and sweet, which is unlikely to change until Marvel’s first female-fronted blockbuster is a little further along in development.

MTV: So… time period. When was that hit upon? Was that an early part of the development process, that this would seem like a good idea?

Feige: Uh… yes. Yeah. Early, early days.

MTV: Why?

Feige: Uh, well, there is an unexplored period of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we wanted to showcase, and… almost anything else is a spoiler…

MTV: Okay.

Feige: …other than to say, the 90s would be a fun period to make a superhero movie in.

Captain Marvel will make a beeline for theaters on March 8th, 2019, though if online speculation is to be believed, we could be seeing Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe even sooner. Leaked set photos from Avengers: Infinity War pointed to the inclusion of an Air Force installation in Joe and Anthony Russo’s mega-budget epic, and though she wasn’t mentioned in the film’s first teaser whatsoever, we’ll find out for sure once Infinity War opens on May 4th of next year.

Source: MTV